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Dynasty Floor Rugs


Exquisite one-of-a kind traditional floor rugs over-dyed & intricately hand-carved in Turkey

Our Dynasty collection is made using exquisite, antique wool floor rugs from Turkey. These recycled pieces are carefully washed, overdyed in contemporary colours, and then intricately hand carved to create a unique three-dimensional masterpiece. The transformation of each traditional design has its own story and a distinct charm making these Turkish floor rugs truly timeless pieces.

Our Dynasty floor rugs are unique and can be individually selected by you.  For assistance in selecting your one-of-a kind floor rug please contact our customer services team.

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Care & Cleaning
This product is made from vintage carpets using hand carving and over-dyeing techniques. Due to the handmade process of creating Dynasty floor rugs, each one is a unique masterpiece. To extend the life of this product take care when cleaning and avoid washing as damage and colour migration can occur when wet. Use a floor rug backing mat on light coloured floors to avoid any possible colour migration. This rug can be vacuumed domestically and cleaned commercially through specialised carpet cleaning processes.


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