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Bring the drama, decadence and power of the wild to any of your rooms or pieces of furniture with a luxuriously soft and warm Collezione throw. Indulge the senses. Feel the delicious softness of our Rabbit fur, the distinct tight wavy curl of the Tibetan Lamb, or the strong natural texture and design of a Raccoon. Delight the eyes with unusual hues and shades, classic whites and natural tones. With Collezione throws the possibilities really are endless.

As these products are made of natural furs and hides, there may be variation in colour, pattern, texture, and size from the descriptions and images shown. You may also find slight imperfections such as marks or discolouration which occur naturally in these beautiful pieces.  The dyed colours of these natural furs are susceptible to fading in high UV areas. Please keep out of direct sunlight to avoid discolouration.  Avoid placing on light coloured furniture and surfaces as dye colour may transfer.  We hope you enjoy the individuality of these luxury pieces.


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